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  • Soybean Milk Machine

    Soybean milk machine, controlled by microcomputer, realizes full automation of preheating, beating, boiling and delayed boiling processes. Especially because of the addition of "slow fire boiling" processing program, soybean milk is more nutritious and tastes more fragrant.

  • Wall Breaker

    The wall breaking blender integrates the functions of juice extractor, soybean milk machine, ice cream machine, blender, grinder and other products, fully achieving the multi-purpose function of one machine, which can instantly break the food cell wall and release plant biochemical substances.

  • Multifunctional Cooking Machine

    The multifunctional cooking machine is a highly automated kitchen appliance that can integrate a variety of kitchen appliances and intelligent recipe programs, not only handle the processing of ingredients such as juice squeezing, dough kneading, grinding, Shaved ice, and sending, but also do the cooking of food such as cooking, stewing, steaming, fermentation, and boiling.

  • Air Frying Pan

    Air frying pan is a machine that can use air to "fry", mainly using air to replace the hot oil in the original frying pan to make food ripe; At the same time, the hot air also blows away the moisture on the surface of the food, making the ingredients achieve a similar effect of frying.

Urban Rail Transit

Green lighting, low-carbon life

Office lighting

Green lighting, low-carbon life

Engineering Customization

Green lighting, low-carbon life


Green lighting, low-carbon life



Foshan Youlite Lighting Technology Co.,Ltd

Founded in 2014, Shunde, Guangdong

Founded in December 2014, it has been committed to high-end LED lighting products research and development. It is a comprehensive lighting enterprise with production and sales services. Honorably, it is also a High-Tech Enterprise with product research and development, intelligent manufacturing and strong technology in lighting industry in Guangdong.


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2014 Year

Lighting Designer

20 +

Products are exported to countries and regions

100 +

Lighting Designer

400 +

Awarded patent certificate





The principle of purchasing lighting fixtures

For home lighting fixtures, the safety of their use is very important, so be sure to choose the regular manufacturers of lamps and lanterns.



The role of lighting fixtures

Luminaire is the light transmission, distribution and change the light distribution of the light source apparatus, including all the parts needed to fix and protect the light source in addition to the light source



European style lamp

Similar to the European style, which emphasizes gorgeous decorations, strong colors and exquisite shapes to achieve a magnificent decorative effect